Immerse yourself in the glittering world of
Hamburg's world famous red light district.
Here in St. Pauli can real men
lay down their careers.

You've had enough! Day after day, hour after hour you're standing in your fries stand. The same drudgery day in, day out. While you're slaving away, the pimps with their big cars cruise around, passing your stand. These guys have it all: money, women, lots of fun. And you? You stink of old grease.
This has to change!
Turn the Kiez into your territory and sex it up with the ultimate erotic business: The deluxe brothel!

Too bad that you can't get the building permit that easily.
The building committee of the senate says no and just won't give you the license. This requires creativity. Because behind every white-bread politician's facade there is some sinful secret.

With the right leverage you will get your building permit. Guaranteed!